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Holiday time

I'm basically on holiday time, and so far everything has been going according to the laws of holiday physics. I woke up at about 6.30, unable to get back to sleep (not the least of which due to the cat using her mind powers to demnd food. I swear, it's just plain creepy when you wake up and you can *feel* the cat staring at you, even before you opren your eyes), despite the fact that I coud theoretically sleep in.

The cat the preceeded to take up any seat I could want to use (hence I'm now sitting on the floor), but look so adorable doing so that I have not the strength to complain too much.

Yesterday was a good day for record companies, but a bad day for my bank balance. I found three soundtrack scores I've been looking for for ages, and spent about $100 I really shouldn't have. But in good news, I'm told my scholarship issues have been cleared up (although I doubt I'll get a full pay next time, due to the form being handed in during this latest pay period and not before). Yay for having money to buy food.

Oh, and I'm planning on waxing my legs today or tomorrow for the first time since I was 18. Listen for the screams.
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