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Packing and panicing

So. My nerves have gotten the better of me as I have realised how short a space of time I have until I am on a plane. The amount of stuff I still have to do is daunting (or at least daunting enough to make me a little apprehensive)... and so much of it I simple can't do today because it is a public holiday.

Stress, stress, stress.

So I'm packing. Midway through packing, I've realised that two weeks worth of clothes is actually quite a lot, and that I only own just over that amount (at least in terms of practical clothes). So I'm doing my laundry, and trying to remember not to forget all of the things I need to do tomorrow.

Pack. Shopping. Bank. Yen? Maybe not.

Cat food. I cannot stress how important cat food is to my mental health right now. Jye is to be looking after the mighty (though aging) Bunyip cat while I cam gone, and the prospect is a little worrying. I trust Jye... but I also trust in his forgetfulness. And I would be absolutely heart-broken if anything happened to Bunyip when I wasn't around.

More stress and baseless panic.

But if any of you kids out there are planning on seeing Jye in the two weeks I'm gone, do me a favour and remind him to feed (and give fresh water to) my cat. I'd dearly appreciate it.

So... yeah... I'm gonna go pack some more, or write lists of what I need to do, or something...
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