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In the beginning...

Hello from the Qantas International Business Lounge!

Hell hath no fury like my mother denied what she wants. We had planned on taking one small suitcase each as cabin luggage (actually, my mother was going to take two), and had packed our stuff accordingly. However, our bags weighed more than the regulated 7kg, and thus we had to check them.

I was fine with this, seeing as how we didn't really have much choice in the matter, but my mother... ooooo boy was she irritated. It doesn't really make any difference, seeing as how we were going to have to wait for one of my bags anyway, but she is frustrated because she can't change her clothes midflight or something.

Anyway, I'm getting excited, but I'm still quite nervous. I woke up this morning before my alarm and had to remind myself that yes, really - I am going to Japan. It's all a bit surreal.

I'm a bit paniced that I don't know how to ask for a train ticket in Japanese, but the lovely Alex Neilson will be meeting my mother and I at the airport and helping us get to our hotel, which is terribly nice of him. In return, he shall be getting some of his long-lost DVDs that Jye and I have been looking after.

Must run now - cranky business men want to use the 'puter.

Love and well wishes...
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