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Safe so far

Hi kids!

We landed safely in Japan and found our way (after a long time) to our hotel in Shinjuku. It wasn`t until this morning, however, that it actually kicked in where I was. Eeeek! We happened across a shrine on our way to the internet cafe, and I was simply amazed at the beauty. And this was just some random shrine, not any of the more touristy, must see places.

There has been some drama, however. But most of that seems to have been dealt with after getting some sleep and arriving at a place with an internet connection. Not my drama, mind you. Not mentioning any names as to who else it can be.

I had fish for breakfast, and my mother has decided that the toilets are the best thing Japan has to offer, what with their jets of water and their spray settings and what have you. Very odd.

I`ll try to keep in contact, but who knows where our wacky hijinks will lead us next?!
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