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Japanese TV craziness

Live action Sailor Moon on Saturday mornings? What a country. The only other thing I recognise is "Yugi-o" repeats.

The ads on TV are crazy, too, appealing to the wackiness market it seems.

And commuter trains are so covered in ads that they have had to hang extra ads from the rooves because no other flat surface was availiable. While I'm on the subject of crazy differences, there are no seagulls in Tokyo, only big ass ravens. They call all the time, with a deeper and less harsh "caw" than those in Australia. And I get this strange feeling that the Japanese people on the whole don't seem to be quite comfortable in Western clothes... almost like they have to make a special effort to wear them correctly. Just an impression, not a judgement.

It's the nurerous little differences which seem to be forming my view of Japan, more than the obvious ones.

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