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I am, at last, one of the cool kids

I cruised into the store, listening to my iPod, with a smile on my face.

"Nice to see you again," the man behind the counter said. "Do you have your resume?"

"I certainly do," I replied, fishing it from my bag with a flourish.

"Great," he answered, handing me a sheaf of papers in return. "You'll need to fill out these forms, and bring them in on friday. You'll be staring at four, working the evening shifts with Rob. Say hi, Rob."


"Please to meet you, Rob."

"So, we'll see you on friday then?"

"Sure thing." So I took my forms, stuffed them back into my bag, and walked out into the rain, the wind bellowing my skirt. I grinned broadly as I began listening to my iPod once more, for at last I had achieved the dream of all geeks everywhere - I was going to be working in a computer game store.


By the way, this is a true story. I'm now on probation working at Game Rush, formerly known as Pulsar, selling console games. I rock. Easiest interview EVAH.
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