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Yesterday, after hearing the good news about my job, I went on a spending binge. There are a few specific things I will go on a spending spree for when either cheered or saddened, and yesterday was no exception to this rule. All I have to say is underwear. Frou-frou, often highly impractical, but always cute.

Anyway, last night a few of us got together for a going-away do for bog_mod, which was grand, and much Asahi was drunk by many people. This ended up in the (quite expected) impromptu jaunt down to Galactic Circus for some hote DDR action.

I have infected another with the DDR addiction. Take THAT, vorex. :)

In any case, it was a good night (and my geekiness was increased by morsla, who delivered me my copy of 'The Player's Guide to Faerun'), and fun was had by all. Especially those who got to see my mad, tipsy excursion in an asian supermarket.