Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,


My first shift went well last night. I get along well with Pete (not Rob, as I had previously called him), and it's not too tricky to work the machines (although I havn't quite got it yet). I even got to use a scanning laser gun! Yay.

Pete asked me at one point, "so, are you after lots of hours?", and did comment once that I seem to have the right personality for this kind of job. Which makes me think I made a good impression, and that they will want me to hang around into the future. Yay me.

Only one minor mistake last night, and to be fair it was only kwith Jye when he happened to 'drop in'to buy a game. We sent him off with an empty case. No drama, we just gave him the disk when he came back.

Thanks to everyone else who just happened to drop by as well, especially for putting up with me not knowing how to work the registers just then. :)
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