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It was all going to be so simple...

DnD geekery - cut, for your pleasure!

So session of DnD was only going to have the two wisdom 8, chaotic characters. (With a start like this, you know the story isn't going to end smoothly.) Anyway, when I asked them what they wanted to do for the session, they remarked "something exceptionally unwise". Okay, I thought, what would be the most unwise thing within their capabilities to do?...

And it all has gone down hill from there. I doodled a dungeon map yesterday during vorex's Exalted game after playing a whole lot of "Prince of Persia - the Sands of Time" in the passed few weeks. Not such a good plan. I've devised a loosley contrived plot which is indeed exceptionally unwise, involving some very, very dodgey people.

Fortunately for the two characters in question, it looks like I have snaffled morsla on side to play in the campaign. My only requests for his character were that a) he could use a katana (long story), b) that he didn't have an alignment of 'evil', and c) that he had more than 8 wisdom. Hopefully he will help keep the other characters alive.


So the end result is on a spur of the moment plan I have created a mini-adventure which I'm quite excited about, and that should not kill the party in any permanent fashion (after all, it's only a short jaunt to the temple for resurection). There's just one problem - it may be a bit of a struggle to keep it a one session thing. On the other hand, all of the players live walking distance from the front room of the house, so it's not like I have to contend with public transport finishing times...

The only problem now is that because I'm so excited about all of this, when the time comes I'm going to get performance anxiety.

And another thing... why do all my campaigns these days seem to spawn the makings of slash fiction? Too many pretty boys, obviously...
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