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warping unreality

My head is a strange and mysterious place, where things happen differently that in normal circumstances. This is especially evident with my dreams. I have nightmares only rarely, and when I do they are the sort of nightmares which make me wake up screaming, shaking and crying. Scarey stuff.

Recently, as in for the passed three nights straight, I haven't been having nightmares as such, but extended and drawn-out bad dreams. Lucid dreaming is something I have some ability in, and normally (like a lot of people) I can take control of dreams when I recognise them becoming somtheing bad and turn them into something better.

However, as Jye described it, these bad dreams I have been having are like dealing with a bastard GM. No matter what I do, the dream responds and comes up with unother unpleasant thing to deal with. Combine this with dream physics, and stuff can get very wiered and very frustrating.

I don't get why my subconscious has decided to do this to me, but it has become most annoying. Not frightening, despite the 'dangerous' situations (part of me obviously realises that it is a dream, and thus I realise I am not in any peril, despite the vivid nature of the dreams), but definately frustrating. Much like dealing with a bastard GM who confounds me at every turn, you know, the sort who want to make a poitn about how tough the party nemesis is? So no matter what you do you can't hurt him (the nemesis) nor avoid being hurt by him?

Meh. I'm tired, cut me some slack.


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May. 11th, 2004 05:07 am (UTC)
all my dreams are bastard GM dreams, with the stupid dream physics, and the "you cant kill me with that sword/gun/blah, you didnt roll enough successes" munchkin wankers as foes . . .grrrrrr
May. 11th, 2004 03:51 pm (UTC)
Amethyst by/under the bed is good for nightmares.
Generally when things become unrelenting its because there is something there that you NEED to deal with right NOW. The Universe does not recognise such petty things are needing sleep enough to get through a work day, or needing time enough to earn money to eat. Its somewhat Pythonesque that way.
My suggestion is to keep a journal of everything that you can remember about your nightmares, and look for themes. Forget about using Lady Magick Fluffbunny's Big Book O' Dream Symbols. Anything that will surface or catch your attention as a theme will be completely personal, so work it out yourself.
Another possibility is that you have been storing so much negativity in yourself that it is starting rise to the surface whenever you let your conscious guard down. You start dealing with and chucking out the negativity, you start to reduce the dross that bothers you and sabotages you.
Try chamomile tea before bed, and an affirmation that is succinct and to the point, like "I am not disturbed by nightmares. I deal with my subconscious mind in a relaxed way. I release all negativity."

That'll be AU$0.02 thanks.
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