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Debriefs and Updates

Van Helsing

An entertaining film, provided you make an effort to not take it seriously in the slightest and take the cheesey 50s horror film tropes in good humour. Very nice soundtrack if you're into that sort of thing.

Oddly enough, it reminded me an awful lot of "Edmund - A Butler's Tale" (Blackadder III). Excitement, adventure, and a goodly portion of saucy gypsies.

My Odd Dreams

I didn't have any last night, because I hardly slept. Who knows why. I'm o longer annoyed about it, because you don't glance over at the clock, realise it's 2 am when you went to bed at 11pm, and don't twig to the fact that a poor night's sleep will follow. And somewhere between 2 and 10 am, I just got used to the idea, I suppose.

My Odd Campaign Habbits

If my D&D game was an anime/manga/tv series/movie, the amount of slash fiction spawned would destroy the world's ecconomy. Enough said.

My Crazy PhD

My progress report is due soon, and I have to submit a 1-2pg document saying what I've done, what I'm going to do and when I'm planning on doing it. Also, I have to give a detailed plan on my prospective thesis chapters. This wouldn't be a problem if one of my supervisors hadn't decided to change the entire direction of my thesis without talking to the other one about it yet.


My l337 DDR Skills

Okay, maybe not so hardcore just yet, seeing as how I'm only a 'light mode' girl at this stage, but having someone I don't know tell me I was awesome when I get off the machine always makes me feel better. Be warned, matcha_pocky, for I will beat you at Cartoon Heros one day...
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