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Another day, another trap-filled dungeon

More DnD geekery behind the cut.

Last night's session went rather well indeed. It was a big session, but the players managed to get through it, only finishing a little over-time. Yay me. As the title suggests, it was my very first trap dungeon that they crawled through (complete with falling giant stone spheres and a chess-board).

The introduction of morsla's new ranger character went well too (aside from an unfortunate choice of name which is a rough mix of three other names from three other campaigns), and he seems to get along with the two other characters which were present. I think that the character, a ranger with some token levels of cleric, will round the party out nicely.

We also decided that there was some fat, glasses-wearing halfling following the party around who writes slash fan-fiction. It's a bit creepy.

Things will start to get interesting next session as I kick the plot-beast a little to speed things up, as we are now roughly half-way through the first of three major campaign arcs. I have loose plans, but I think I'll be able to formulate a decent session out of them. For the session after next I already have some pivotal scenes worked out, and I'm pretty excited about it.

The first campaign arc at least, if I play the rest of my cards right, looks to be pretty darn spiffy. The second arc I only have very rough plans for, and I'm waiting a little before I decide what is going on in the third arc... but it will be big, whatever it is.

Monsters I still am yet to use, but I dearly want to:

displacer beasts
gelatinous cubes
umber hulks
dragons! (You know those plushy baby red dragons they were selling at Conquest? If you put one on a DnD miniatures map, it's exactly the right size for a young adult red dragon... CR 13 - maybe a little too hardcore for my 7th level party... for the moment! Bwahahaha!!!!)

Sure, there have been a whole lot of cliches thus far with the campaign, but the way I see it is this campaign is a homage to DnD of yore. I want it to be cheesey and cliche, because it's nostalgic. I mean, so many of the group started on DnD many, many years ago (over a decade for me), so it's really nice to be able to return to that feeling and exploit those cliches for the greater good.

Which reminds me - we need a tavern brawl. :) And kobolds.