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Forgetting to eat

I've got a weight buddy at uni. He's hoping to bulk up (with weights and such), and I am planning to slim down. Each of us about 5-7 kg, each in opposite directions, each starting roughly at the same weight. Our goal is August. Towards this end, I have entered into a training regime of low-fat lunches, small dinners, and 30 mins or so of DDR every day (except Saturdays, when I train for naginata).

Anyway, because of the excitement of yesterday, what with all the DDR and the visiting of CAMERON (see cameronisbest for details), I forgot to eat lunch yestersday. And seeing as how I tend not to eat breakfast (unless you count two cups of white, sugared coffee), I went almost 24hrs without eating.

I know, it was awful of me. But I made up for it, because I have discovered somewhere I can buy 50 g of salmon roe/caviar for about $7. Some of you may have come across my addiction to fish eggs in the past. It is inexplicable, incomprehensible, and perhaps more than a little disturbing to behold.

After dinner, I gorged myself on my precious salmon roe, little orange-red globes of fish-eggy goodness piled on toast points. It was sooooooooooooo good. But I have discovered that by myself, after an ordinary meal, 50 g of salmon caviar is about my limit for one sitting.

But damn, it was good. I'm all mouth-watery thinking about it...
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