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The annual eurovision hangover


Who the FUCK came up with the idea of incredibly cheap, passion-fruit flavoured champagne, anyway? And why did I think it was a good idea to drink not only the Passion Pop, but the likewise cheap and nasty peach flavoured champagne (not to mention the home-mixed passion pop and the wild berry flavoured passion pop) as well?

Champagne hangovers suck, especially when at work.

Anyway, I was spoiled for the Eurovision Song Contest, haivng glanced at The Age website earlier in the day... but I still had fun, and concealed the winner from the rest of the party goers at rein_zero's house. We screamed in horror at the costumes, we voiced our displeasure at the ugly contestants, and we cheered like a crowd full of rugby fans during the priceless few seconds where some backing dancer had her nipple pop out.

There was much drinking and many snacks. Rash promises to buy the Eurovision CD were made. Some fool tried repeatedly to get matcha_pocky's flimsy top to "fall off". It was just like old times.


In other news, for those who missed it, yesterday was the annual Japan Festival held at Box Hill Town Hall. I spoke into a microphone (joy) and I waved a stick around. Yay.

There's a can of V with my name on it that I need to violate before my 10 am meeting. Gah...
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