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Darkness and dreams

I know, I'm a sappy cat slave/owner. But I never claimed otherwise. The vet nurse who admitted Bunyip last night was very nice, and reassured some of my fears which the abrupt, over-worked and tired vet had placed in my head. But anybody who greets my cat by saying "hello, gorgeous" is going to be okay in my books.

Jye told me as I was wiping at tears that I shouldn't cry, because it will make the vets think I had no confidednce in them, and then they will be so traumatised that they might attatch a tail to Bunyip instead of removing her nose. A dog tail.

Anyway, matcha_pocky came over to console me (alas, not in the method which is the only way to console a widow) with scabble, bad DVDs and samonella cake. I played scrabble for the first time (yes, it's true), while watching "There's something about Miriam". DDR was played, poorly. Salmonella cake is yet to be eaten. I think lunch is a good option.

Last night I was plagued by the bad dreams. I don't like dreaming about my cat being sick at the best of times, but when I wake up and realise that she's not there, it makes thinks a whole lot worse.

Anyway, hopefully she will come home today. We shall see, though.

And work still sucks.
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