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The healing time

There are some things love makes us do, even when in retrospect it may not have been such a good idea.

I visited Bunyip today, just as she was coming out of anasthetic. I wanted to see her, to let her know that I hadn't abandonded her, because I want her to be as happy as she can so that she can get better as fast as possible.

It was hard, you know? Hard to see her, fresh after surgery. Still groggy and swollen and blood-stained and raw. But I wanted her to know that I wasn't going to be gone for ever, that she wasn't alone. I didn't want to stay too long, because I know she needs to rest and to not get too excited.

But it was hard.

I didn't want to see her like that, even after I had tried to steel myself for it. Those images of her are going to stay with me a long time. But I needed to see her.

She will be in over-night at the vets, and will spend all day tomorrow there as well. If it all goes okay, she may come home tomorrow, but it will depend on how well she responds to treatment. She is doing very well for a cat her age, and hopefully will revover just fine.

Thanks for all of your well-wishes.
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