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Cat News

Bunyip isn't doing too bad, so I'm told. I know this, because in my motherly panic I decided to take her to the emergency consultations at the Lort Smith Animal Hospital after work, just to be safe.

Her wound is healing well, and it's not that uncommon for cats to go off their food for long periods after this sort of surgery, the vet assured me (I have another appointment on Monday, and provided I keep her fluids up I should worry myself too much about her low appetite until then). She wasn't too badly dehydrated, but I was issued with a 5 mL syringe to feed her watered down milk a few times a day.

After getting home, Bunyip used the litter box without coaxing (YAY!), then even nibbled a little food. I gave her a little water, too, which she did swallow although she doesn't like the whole syringe thing.

So although the vet trip was a little unneccessary, I still think it was $55 well spent.

This morning I have given Bunyip her antibiotics and fed her some watered down cat milk, and all is well. Slowly, slowly she will be nursed back to health. She's just owie at the moment.

And in other big news: Buynip's tissue samples got back from the pathologist. Yes, there were cancerous cells present (squamous cell carcinoma, I think), but they managed to get all of it out cleanly. This should mean no relapses.

The vet nurse who was on duty doing admin and assistance on the front desk actually helped out with Bunyip's surgery, so was keen to have a bit of a look. Bunyip had definitely improved since the nurse saw her last. Also it turns out that they recently had to deal with a much more advanced case than Bunyip's - rather than scooping off the tip, like they did with Bunyip, they had to remove a large part of the nasal cavity too.

Sometimes I don't feel so guilty about my poor kitten. But she is on the mend!

Thanks to matcha_pocky and reiz_zero for visiting me at work last night to buy stuff and to get a kitten update (as well as the offer of support), and to vorex for visiting me at home during the day to make sure I was doing okay. A big thanks also to all of you who have wished Bunyip well - I really appreciate it.
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