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The rest of everything else

So it strikes me that I've had nothing but 'my cat is sad' posts for a while. So, now for something completely different.

Work was pretty good last night, and it went really quite fast. I met the manager only for really the second time, and got into his good books by finding his keys. Yay me.

Today I've basically been kicking back, watching some Futurama season 4, and loading songs into by iPod (and basic kitten-maintenance, such as cleaning and field stripping).

Tomorrow I'm going to a naginata/kendo vs. aikido seminar, and I've been requested to bring extra weapons. Yikes. I have been promised no bruises, though... although I am a little skeptical of this. Time will tell.

And I have been inspired once more to try and write some... of the stuff I have been threatening to for a while. How cryptic of me. Anyway, I feel as though I have a point to prove. Or something, I guess.

Looking forward to sleeping. Hugs to you all.
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