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Spending all day fretting, all night waking from fitful sleep to make sure my baby is still breathing, cleaning up the poor soiled babe who cannot clean herself, giving the two-hourly feeds (with a damp cloth on hand for immediate clean up), ensuring that the little dear is tucked under a warm blanket, and with the nearest medical centre on speed-dial on the phone...

... and I always swore that I'm make a bad mother.

Bunyip is doing okay; she hasn't gotten any worse, the wound seems to be healing nicely, and last night she even had a little water all by herself. On the other hand, there havn't been any vast improvements either - she's still not eating (although I am feeding her nutrient-rich cat specific milk (which she puts up with without much fuss) every few hours to keep her fluids up), still very lethargic and very quiet.

But she is healing, and she isn't dehydrated. Small steps. Me, I'm just tired and fretful.

****** UPDATE ******

Bunyip just ate a little bit of smelly fish cat food. It's her first interest in food for a long while, so I am most pleased! I will try her again later in the day on some more. If she eats, she'll be able to stay home (apart from a brief check-up tomorrow with the vet).

Yay for little steps.
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