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A semblance of normalcy

Bunyip ate - she ate too much for her shrunken stomach and was vomitous on a bunch of Jye's clothes on the floor. You've got to admire her style. Distressing as this was for both of us, I'm resolved to persevere with the feeding of diluted cat-milk every 2-3 hours, and the presentation of *very* small meals of cat food a few times a day. She is showing more interest in food, which is really good.

Uni today for as little time as possible, so that I can keep a close eye on her and feed her tidbits.

The aikido-naginata seminar yesterday was really, really good. I did some jo work for the first time, and found it to be different in form but very similar in movement. Many of the aikido people seem to have the same attitude as I do towards martial arts, which was really warming. I like doing the bonding thang with other martial arts folk with similar ideals to me. Less hurting, more self-improvement.

I am also slowly forming a plan for my DnD session this week... quite understandably, though, my mind has kind of been other places. Ah well, I'll work something out.

****** UPDATE ******

Bunyip drank some more water yesterday of her own will, and today after returning from the vet (check-up went fine, despite having to wrestle her into the box) she even wandered over to her dry food bowl and nibbled a little. Things are on the up!

The head-funnel will remain for a few more weeks, for her healing goodness, but the vet was really pleased with how the wound was healing (nice and clean and no infection) and her hydration (thanks to me and my trusty syringe). She will hopefully come good in time. Dissolving stitches, by the way, take up to 6 weeks to vanish into the cat ether.

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