Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Kingdom Hearts

What good is a friend with a credit card and an internet connection, a boyfriend with a steady income, as well as owning a chipped PS2? Importing games as soon as they are released in the US.

Kingdom Hearts.

Oh my. Square has done it again. As well as being able to beat up Selphie from FFVIII pretty early on in the game (and Wakka and Tidus if you're into that sort of thing), the main character's best friend/worst enemy is a silver haired bishounen (think a cross between Sephiroth, Kuja and Seymour) named Riku. Mmmmmmmmm....

It seems to be a Disney meets square cross between your standard Final Fantasy game and a platformer. In other words, a game that I may enjoy more than the standard FF RPG (because I am an old-school gamer). The Disney stuff so far, oddly enough, is actually done in a fairly fresh manner, not overly cutesy and stifling.

I'll try hard not to spoil you as I progress...
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