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The road is behind, the world ahead...

Bunyip is definitely improving. She's now demanding food (which I only give to her in very small doses for fear of the kitten clean up in isle 12), wandering around of her own accord, and is generally much brighter and active. She get's frustrated with her head-funnel, but unfortunately I must leave it on for her own good. I can understand her annoyance, though; if you've ever had a deep wound, you know the nasty 'itchy' stage. Unfortunately, though, she must not be allowed to scratch.

Work is preparing to go crazy in the next few days. D'oh. I may have to work this Sunday or something. We'll see. Many preparations must be made today.

DnD session tonight. Only a loose plot, so it may end up being a bit of a dungeon bash. There *is* justification for it, though, which is something at least. At least I had the foresight to work out what encounters I wanted to have earlier on. Of course, I may have made the encounters a little tough this time around, but I suppose that's what ressurection scrolls are for.

I'm slowly but surely writing something I promised I would, although it's taking a long time to formulate the words. The images are there, but alas my writing skills have deteriorated and it is quite hard to do the story justice. Speaking of which, you should all start thinking about entering National Novel Writing Month ( this year. I probably can't do it, what with work and thesis and all, but I might give it a go anyway... we'll see.

My DDR training for next week... on a day like any other... progresses, albeit slowly. Rash promises have been made, however, and now I must follow through.
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