Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Material things

DnD went okay last night, though I felt it was a bit flat. I have an ace session planned for the next one, however, so it should all be okay in the end. Jye's comment was that it would be better if there was more loot.

I also picked up copied of the "Tank Girl" and "The Nightmare Before Christmas" soundtracks yesterday.

So, yeah, I've little else to say.

****** UPDATE ******

Yes I do! I almost completely forgot! Last night I had a dream that matcha_pocky and I entered the Eurovision Song Contest, and that we came third. It was a huge controversy because we were from Australia, and we didn't even realise until the next day when we saw it in the papers (I think we went home before the judging or something...). So, yeah. My dreams rock.
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