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ouchouchouchouch... *gasp*

There was a whole lot of DDR last night. A whole lot. I danced with a cute asian ninja girl who, while better than me by a long shot, was impressed with my combo-fu.

For indeed, my combo-fu is strong. True, I may only hit 'great's with only a smattering of 'perfect's, but witnesses can attest to the strength of my combo-budo.

Many, many thanks to punk_rock_nerd, matcha_pocky and delwyn for dancing, dining, and dancing some more. My legs hurt an awful lot, and my belly is still full from the meal last night, but is was all worth it.

The only downside is that this morning my heart murmur seems to have been playing up again. Usually when I have issues with my heart, it'll last only about five minutes before it sorts itself out. This morning, however, there was a good hour and a half of fluttering, rapid heartbeats alternated with uncomfortable irregularity of the pulse. Shortness of breath and all that. No pain, just an uncomfortable fluttery, bubbly feeling in the chest.

I was quite worried about it, and I was planning on going to the doctor, but it seems to have settled down now. Having been to doctors before and had ECGs and all the rest of it, I know it's not really a major problem at this stage and that there is little they can do for me unless my ticker is jiggling about while I'm in the doctor's office. I'm on the look-out for problems today, though, and will rush off to the doctor if it recurrs. And that's my story.
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