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An Abyss-mal night

Abyss was odd last night. A little nostalgic, but seeing as how it was in a different venue from my youth and I hardly recognised anyone, it was more for the atmosphere and the ambiance.

The DJs were SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT. Sure, there were some okay sets... but so much of the music they were playing was fine, just NOT in a goth club. The 'JJJ' set, I think steampunk called it. And not only that, but the volume of the music was waaaaaaaaay to loud with waaaaaaaaaaay too much bass. It takes an awful amount of bass to reach my limit, but when I can feel my organs jiggling in my intraperitoneal space in that way that organs are NOT supposed to, it is time for me to leave the dance floor.

Speaking of which, I did work out why the DJs would play a couple of good songs before putting something truly shit on... because they get sick of looking at all the ugly, ugly people on the dance floor. Their only means of defence? Get everybody off the dance floor, ASAP. Hence the shit songs.

There was a fair selection of creepy men on the dance floor at various times during the night, which I suppose is to be expected. One was following me across the dance floor, no matter how far I moved away. Eventually I had to manouver people between him and I, just so he'd get the point.

I guess this means I haven't lost my dancing mojo.

In fact, just as I was leaving some guy introduced himself and invited me over to hang out with his friends, one of whom was having a birthday. I'm sure he was a whisker away from saying 'private party'. Which is dubious in the extreme, if you ask me.

Now I am tired, have an amusing blister on my ankle, and have to go to naginata training. Eeeep.
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