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2 sessions of DnD'briefing

So the session before last the party faced some of my favourite adversaries - gelatious cubes (I had this *fantastic* cube trap set up... curse that pesky party for making their spot rolls!) and an umber hulk (soooooooooooooooooo cute!). There was some plot there, too.

Last night's session was mostly role-playing (GASP!), which was nice for a change. It was kind of a session to let folk interact with the scads of the NPCs which I have around. I poked them with the plot, too. Yay for plot-poking. There was actually very little diced out combat, which I'm a little unsure of - I have such a wide spread of players that I want to ensure everybody is having enough stuff to do.

Actually, that is a problem I think I will have to face in the long-term; now that I have five players, I have to ensure that there is enough stuff to go around while still making sure that the game-play is fairly smooth. I don't want to get bogged down in individual conversations, or have heaps of stuff for everybody bar one, but at the same time I want everybody to feel as though they are getting a great deal out of their characters and their interactions.

DM angst is funny.

In any case, the badness which leads to the climax of the first campaign arc has begun. Next session will lead to all sorts of confrontations, decisions, dilemmas, and a scene which I have been planning for months. : )
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