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Micro lab audit day

Today the micro lab is getting inspected. I've already had the drill of 'when they ask this question, you answer that' etc etc. Who the first aiders are, who the occupational health and safety person is, who the fire wardens are, where the meterial safety data sheets are, how to decontaminate liquid culture waste of Porphyromonas gingivalis (here's a hint - after adding concentrated bleach and leaving overnight, you do not DRINK the waste to dispose of it).

So I decided to avoid all of that unpleasantness and go to the library to photocopy journals for my upcoming lit review. In retrospect, this was not a particularly good idea, what with photocopiers breaking, most of the journals I want being missing, and irate students arguing with irate staff and all. Sigh.

Jye has given my Tom's cold. We share everything in this relationship. Isn't he sweet.

In other news, wednesdays have become one of my favourite days, because wednesdays are now temazepam days. A doctor finally managed to ambushe me in the street and drag me off to their practice, where they decided that my insomnia is now harming my health and must be dealt with in the only way they know how - drugs. So, wednesdays, fridays and sundays have now become sleepdays. It is amazing how much of a difference a little sleep can make to your outlook on everything. I have become less surly and more energetic, which is a feat in and of itself.

Sure, the effect is probably all psychological, but who am I to argue.

Of course, the sleep could be due to the fact that my mother has been out of the country for the passed few weeks. This hypothesis will be tested when she returns, I'm sure....

look after yourselves.
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