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Schoolyard nostalgia

I've been going on a fair bit recently about my old school days, but I swear it's not my fault! Random stuff just keeps happening to me.

First it was that crazy reunion thing for folks who had been in musicals, then coffee with the cute idiot, and most recently there was this odd thing that happened at the movies. I was buying drinks for mousebane and I, when this guy behind the counter who looked oddly familiar asked me if I had been a student at a particular school.

Which I had.

He was the little brother of some ass of a guy that was in my year twelve. He had be confused with some other girl (because, as some of you may not believe, I defeated the bullying at school by being a ninja and simply blending in with the wallpaper - very few people I didn't have specific contact with can remember much about me (some didn't even remember who I was by the end of the school year - fear my ninja-fu)), which is odd because I really wasn't much like the girl in question.

Then he told me that this other guy (also an ass) who was in my year twelve was working as the manager for some bar or other in the Crown complex. I smiled and thanked him for the info, but more than anything else I was just odded out by the whole experience.

I had a dream last night about a friend of mine from school who last I heard had been studying law. In my dream she had aged to about 35, and had cut and dyed her hair to an ugly brunette bob.

This is all very odd, considering I spent a good seven years avoiding any contact with my school and people from my school (with a few notable examples, such as CAMERON, reinzero, Liz, and the like). It all makes me wonder what will happen next...
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