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New and exciting things to go wrong!

Why is it that things wait until I'm tired and cranky to go wrong?

So work sucks, but you already knew that. I had something go wrong with my chemostat over the weekend that no-one had ever seen before or could explain. Even the manufacturers, who just happened to be in today. So I replaced a whole bunch of tubing (probably contaminating the fucker in the process), discected the old tubing, but could find no cause for the problem.


As most of you know, I like silver rather than gold jewellery, as I think white metals look better with my skin tone. Anyway, months ago I had to stop wearing the ring Jye gave me because of a skin-rash, followed swiftly by my cheesey silver version of the One Ring on the neighbouring finger. Recently, I've started wearing my One Ring again, but it looks like the rash is coming back.

This makes me angry. Why must my fandom cause my body to rebel? SO my options basically involve saving up for the stupid GOLD one ring. Gold. Bah. Expensive and yellow. This makes me very unhappy, as I like very few rings at all.

So, unless anyone out there is willing to for over the $300 for me to get my fandom dose, I've got a whole lot of unhappy saving ahead of me.

PS - Jye has this theory that you are all sick, twisted people and that I won't get as many non-slash fan-fic ideas as slashy ones. Prove him right or prove him wrong ( - the power is yours.
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