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When I grow up, I want to be JK Rowling

I mean, think about it. She's something like Britain's richest woman, she made her fortune writing books, and she has a beautiful family. She went through such dark times, and in the end she won.

Damn, I want to be a writer.

In any case, she has released the title of the 6th Harry Potter Book! You can find out by visiting and do some silly flash games, or you can visit and scroll through the news section until you find the relevant information.

I must say that I am intrigued. And jealous. Does anyone know how I can become JK Rowling?

Incidently, last night I was woken up not once, but twice (the second time only a few minutes after I fell asleep from being woken up the first time) by the sound of someone either banging on a baking sheet, or bending it slightly in their hands to make that metallic flexing sound. It was very strange, and very vivid. It's left me wondering if I should have gotten up and looked around the house or made some phone-calls to make sure that everyone was okay...
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