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Just so you know, in my Sims work house two people got into fights and left for ever in huffs. I find that funny and satisfying.

I'm probably going to be getting a Summer Student to look after this year, some poor dental student or other. I get to mold him in my image or something. Either way, I'm sure he's destined to become one of my tortured little Sims in time.

Jye watched a film called Equalibrium on Sunday night. For those who don't know, it is the film with that vile, hateful concept of gun kata. I mean, really, for fuck's sake. I am deeply offended by the very existance of such an idea, let alone the moronic (usually American) folk out there who think it's a good idea to emulate such an activity. And make websites about it.

Sometimes I wonder if natural selection actually works.
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