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Migrane, day 4

Mmmm - new definitions of pain. Actually, the headachefulness isn't that bad (what with being a mild migrane and all), but the constant dull ache is enough to wear down one's resolve after a few days.

I went with me mother and my two aunts to see the Impressionists at the Melbounre Gallery yesterday. It was truly fantastic (although there were far too many people there for my likes... especially the ones who thoguht they knew art, but didn't, and talked to eachother about texture and depth and imagery). I had never seen a Van Gogh up close and in the flesh (so to speak) before - let me just say that the blues in the "Starry Night" are never done justice in repoductions.

I'm not often impressed by artwork, particularly paintings. But there were a good few of those on display which left me awe-struck and breathless. If you get the chance, you should go and see it.

Work last night was very long, and very dull. A constant headache will do that for you.

And to all my friends out there who are having problems, my heart goes out to you. I may not be able to help, but that doesn't stop me from caring.
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