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death warmed up

Not so sick as I can't get to work, but I feel like shit.

Last night's DnD seesion, apparently, went off. I felt a little guilty for kind of railroading the players, but it was only kind of, so it was all okay in the end. Miniatures were used for great effect.

A running battle is being fought in the streets, so I just kept pounding the party with enemies as their opponents fell, which kept the momentum right up. It was great, all I had to do was keep tossing more and more miniatures on the table, and the party kept going.

I even had my very first PC death. Joy! ^_^ (Of course, the party had a resurection item on them, so I didn't feel bad about it in the slightest.)

I'm still on the planning end of the next one and a half to two sessions (all that is left of the campaign arc!!!), because I want to keep it grand and fantabulous. Do any of you DnD GMs out there know what kind of CR would be hard but not impossible for a party of five players averaging 9th level? Are we talking about 11 or are we talking about 15?

I've also been flicking though a copy of the Epic Level Handbook (belonging to a guy named Damien, in case any of you know him (I'm looking at you, vorex and morsla)) and I've decided that I could go for a copy of my very own. It's more than likely that the party with just tip over that level 20 barrier before the end of the campaign.

Okay, this sick girl is exhausted from the effort of typing now. You kids look after yourselves.
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