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The rebellion of a body

The worst part of doing a PhD is that when your experiments go wonky, your body decides to give up the fight.

I am still sick. I was home sick for two and a half days last week. And I can't be bothered going to a doctor, because I know what I'll be told - I've got a nasty case of the common cold; I should rest, and treat it symptomaticly. Asprin for fever, paracetamol for aches, hot lemon and honey/ribena for ouchie throat, and if I'm really keen, codine and psuedoephidrine for the stuffed up head. I don't like wasting doctors' time, and I've heard the speach often.

Mrs N was unwell yesterday, and due to the senior student's prior commitment (her son's 21st), I had no choice but to take the class. Three beginners, two 'junior' students (who have finished the beginners) and four seniors who were preparing for a grading. Wheeeeeee. I tried to help them all as best I could, but given how awful I was feeling I'm not sure how much good I actually did. Meh.

So, yeah, that's about it. I'm not very interesting when I'm sick.


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Jul. 24th, 2004 07:16 pm (UTC)
have you considered offering a bounty of a shiny new donky to the white blood cell that brings you the head of the virus rebel leader?

of course, im not sure where you'd keep a donkey in that petite frame of yours :)
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