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Sceince vs. Religion

I've finally gotten to that point where I am scraping the bottom of the barrel, academically speaking. My experiments are so fucked up that I feel I have only one choice left to me:


This next time I set up the fucking chemostat, there will be spells, incense, wards, amulets, and charms. I'll draw circles with salt and sigils with charcoal. I'll place bright crystals around my experimental vessel, and hang a sprig of rosemary nearby. I will sacrifice a piece of myself to any gods who will aid my cause. I will shape the universe do to my bidding.

But of course, this raises an interesting question which I have pondered over in the past. How replicable would this really be? I mean, suppose the stars are just in the right alignment when I do this, and everything goes right. What if I can't get it to work quite so well ever again, due to the sheer mystical energy channeled into it? How to I write up my protocols?

"Autoclave at 121 degrees celcius for 30 minutes, then dance thrice widdershins about the vessel"?

Don't misunderstand, I'm not looking down my nose at such things. Far from it, infact. I respect such powers deeply, and thus it is only as a last ditch effort, as the final desperate attempt, that I would even entertain such a possible course of action.

I'm just so very tired of failing at everything I attempt.
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