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Thanks to being an overly-macho-train-through-the-pain-barrier idiot, my knee is once again screwed. No stairs, no long walks hand-in-hand down the beach, no dancing, no jumping, no knealing, no sitting cross-legged. D'oh.

I have also discovered why so many web comic artists are so surly. I've been using a tablet to measure the bone loss of my jaws, not a mouse. Using a tablet is decidedly tricky, as you can't just use your fingers (which is how I use my mouse) but you must use your whole wrist and arm. Which means that my wrist, which is still a little fucked from the fourteen twelve hour days in a row pipetting last year, is now causing me all sorts of painful problems.

So far the list of body parts I want cybernetically replaced include both knees, right wrist, sternum, spine and pelvis. Surely this is not too much to ask.

And, having had to deal with club affiliations OVERSEAS and money problems likewise in the passed three days, I have also decided that I hate being a treasurer. Especially of two clubs simultaneously. While I would under normal circumstances abscond with the money and leave it at that, to do so here means that I would be hunted down like the dog I am by naginata weilding, aged but deadly Japanese women. *sigh*

In an unrelated note, I am resolved to try to get through 'The Tale of Genji' by Murasaki.

And Jye finished Kingdom Hearts a few days ago. Mmmmmmm - Squaresoft....
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