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Anthology of Interest.

On friday, I sold a copy of "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" for the GBA to none other than Max Walker of cricketing fame. He had put a copy on hold. I found him to be quite polite.

Tonight I am having dinner with my father, brother and an old family friend.

I want to DDR so much it hurts. Listening to Tsugaru isn't helping me any.

I've fucked up yet another experiment, an ELISA. If I had recieved some supervision, perhaps it wouldn't have happened.

I didn't end up re-dying my hair last night, and now it is faded from washing. I should really re-colour it, but the streaks are in kind of a difficult position to isolate when acting solo.

Even more than DDR (if such a thing were possible) I crave romance in my life.

I gave mousebane a new tub of Fudge 'Hair Shaper' yesterday, because I felt sad about him losing his.

I miss you all.
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