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From the Ego Department

I am a member of the iPod army. This means I am more stylish than any of you folks with MP3 players, iRivers, or equivalent. Sure, the iPod is more expensive, and perhaps it does not have all the features of your gear, but you know what? It's just plain sexier. Deal with it.

I am wearing all black, with a Witch Hunter Robin-esque-ness about me; all flowing coat and doomy skirts.

I have wicked-good anime hair today. It's all up and out, with my fringe doing that segmented thing that only comic-drawn hair can.

I've worn in my new boots enough that I no longer get blisters. I'm now all booted up again, and ready to kick-ass and take names as needed.

My super big science head is so slick that even though I fucked up my experiment, my results are still salvagable.

Yesterday someone told me that I am very good at reading people. Fear my uncanny ability to work out people's deals.

I dance like no-one is watching. (Aparently, when no-one is watching I am a stripper.)

I am too cool for school, baby. Peace out.
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