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Cash and Elections

So I went to play DDR with matcha_pocky and punk_rock_nerd earlier this week, and matcha_pocky and I were talking about the upcoming US elections. I explained that my feeling on the matter were that while I am a citizen and thus I have a right to vote for the next US president, because I don't live in the US and have no intention of ever living there, I don't really feel that I am entitled to do so.

And naturally, the conversation lead to eBay.

The very clever matcha_pocky suggested that what I could do would be 'sell' my vote on eBay to some lucky Melbournite, who would be able to go with me the the US Embassy (or whatever - I think there are postal forms to fill out or what have you) and tell me how they'd like me to fill out my forms. So while I would be voting, I'd be voting the way someone else wanted me to vote.

Now, this appeals to the social terrorist within me. As I've explained in the past, I don't feel that my vote in what ever election is held (AUS or US) is really going to make any difference, and thus the idea of giving my vote which won't make any difference to someone else - who by inference will also not make any real difference - and making a profit from it appeals.

I mean, it's like graffitting with chalk on the road - no one is hurt, it's a puny insult to society by and large, and it has no lasting effect. And yet, I know that I have thrown ax tiny spanner in the works, and the gods of chaos will smile on me for a little while.

On the other hand, I'd feel a little bad about selling my vote on a moral level. Especially if the highest bidder was one of those nasty pro-Bush people. Maybe I should instead of thinking that I am squandering a privilage such as voting in the US, I am instead excercising my democratic right to vote the way I choose to - even if that means voting the way someone else chooses.

It's a tricky issue.
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