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Daily diatribe

Dearest all,

I've had an odd passed few days, and for some reason I thought that you might be interested...

It all started on wednesday night, when I was reading through my newest ungodly pile of scientific journals, when I noticed a bottle of port sitting on my mantlepiece. While the bottle had been sitting there for quite sometime, it had obviously slipped passed my notice since Jye and I moved in together in the rush of just putting things away.

The thing about me is that I am not much of a port drinker. The thing about this port is that it was opened over a year ago and the cork stuck back in it after a few glasses. For this, you see, was my birthday port from last year. My 21st birthday port. My port which is now 22 and a bit years old.

And much to my surprise, port which is not vinegar. So, I had a glass of port with my role-playing (Kindred of the East/Hengeokai/Demon Hunter X type game).

On thursday, I simply didn't feel like going in to work. That's one of the good things about a PhD. Because I'm not currently being funded by a scholarship, I am under no real obligation to do anything. So I took a day off to play a new Playstation2 game that Jye recently bought from a pawn shop, Grandia 2. In case you're interested, it's almost exactly like Grandia in exery way, except that the graphics are a little prettier.

One of the advantages to working in this building is that we are high up, so we get some good views. The most recent interesting view was today, of a rather nasty car crash which sent a taxi swerving out of control across two sets of tram tracks, one median strip (twice) and five lanes of traffic. While the red car seems pretty much a write off, no one is badly hurt (everybody hopped out and dashed around to see if everybody was ok and to push cars off roads). It's a little odd that so many car accidents happen so close to the hospitals.

A little scary, really. I don't like cars much, and I've been in two accidents myself (not as a driver - I don't drive), so seeing car accidents unfold before your eyes is a little disconcerting.

In research news, we have finally managed to get the fscking Treponema socranskii cells to grow on agar plates, which is nice. It also looks like I could be getting some part time work with CLS growing bacterial plaque samples from dogs. Mmmmmm - dog mouth germs.

My mother just got back from China. She was doing this crazy course for her masters degree that involved a full on cultural immersion for a month, hanging out with nomadic mongolian tribes or something. The important thing is that she has brought back some loot for the family, which always makes me happy.

Well, the car crash has now two ambulances and one police van. Lovely flashing lights. My spies are now returning from the scene of the accidnet to let me know exactly what happened and how people are doing...

... apparently, everybody is okay. The red car was at fault, the taxi hit a BMW on the way around, but despite having his foot stuck on the accelerator the driver managed to dodge all other parked cars, moving cars and people, though a couple of trees were damaged. Wacky.

Ah, well, that's life for you I guess.
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