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fever dreams

The weekend blurred into a mist of reality and forgetfulness. As much as I was in fine form on Saturday, up to my old tricks as it were, I was still suffereing the effects of illness. Yesterday, what with little sleep followed by a visit into work (though for the record I'd just like to say that there was NO hangover), the disease demons chose that moment to pounce!

When viruses attack! Tonight, on HBO!

(As an aside, I have noticed recently that when I am tired, sick, or otherwise brain-frazzled I have been defaulting to American terms, phrases and behaviour patterns. Like my desire to eat clarified pork-fat on rye bread with a side of pickled herrings, all I can blame this on is genetic memory.)

bishi_wannabe had his Siderials game last night, and I must admit I feel sorry for the other two players having to put up with me. I mean, there I was, wrapped so resolutely in a big fluffy blanket that at times only various parts of my head were visible, sipping tea like a tea zombie, and making absolutely no sense. Fever raged, so did poor humour.

Today I am still feverish, I feel head-fuddled with illness, my muscles feel as though I've been doing the Hustle all night long, and I've sniffling like an English school child. But, alas, I've got an over-full day of work today. Too much work. I'm hoping that pity will be taken on me here and some brave soul will take responcibility for the assay that I am supposed to be doing, which I have never done before nor seen a protocol for, and apparently takes all day to do. COmbined with the other work I have.

Man, it sucks being a PhD student. I want my immune system back.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to samba with the visuses that are lurching through my body with the grace of hippos in tutus.
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