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So because I've spent my entire weekend coming in to work (damn you, work!) and still being sick (and, I might add, if there is no sign of improvement tomorrow, to the doctor I shall traipse), I've had not time to do anything useful with my time.

Yay for useless time wasting!

First off, Yay.

Secondly, I've started buying the Fruits Basket manga. I've got half of it, and I am full of regret that I'm probably going to have to order the rest. Tonight I forsee a mini-marathon of the anime, which I never finished watching. My renewed love of the comic book as a concept has been brought about by Strangers in Paradise, which I shall begin rereading shortly.

Thirdly, last week while sick I played an awful lot of Sudeki. I've been told it was hyped beyond belief but was only an okay game. I've enjoyed it quite a lot, to be honest, and I think it was a good choice (especially as I bought my copy quite thoroughly discounted from my work).

And that's my story.
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