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So because I've spent my entire weekend coming in to work (damn you, work!) and still being sick (and, I might add, if there is no sign of improvement tomorrow, to the doctor I shall traipse), I've had not time to do anything useful with my time.

Yay for useless time wasting!

First off, http://www.go-girly.com/. Yay.

Secondly, I've started buying the Fruits Basket manga. I've got half of it, and I am full of regret that I'm probably going to have to order the rest. Tonight I forsee a mini-marathon of the anime, which I never finished watching. My renewed love of the comic book as a concept has been brought about by Strangers in Paradise, which I shall begin rereading shortly.

Thirdly, last week while sick I played an awful lot of Sudeki. I've been told it was hyped beyond belief but was only an okay game. I've enjoyed it quite a lot, to be honest, and I think it was a good choice (especially as I bought my copy quite thoroughly discounted from my work).

And that's my story.