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The Blossom Theif of Parkville.

Beware ye humble gardener of the notorious Blossom Theif of Parkville!

She hunts alone by dusk, her long skirt trailing in the gathering dew and her boots making but a whisper on long grass and stone alike. Through the cobbled alleys she traipses, blind to all but her quarry - flowers of sweet scent, blossoms of fragile beauty. She fears not man nor beast; too swift for the gardener to catch, too kind for the guard dog to do naught but snuffle warmly as she coos whispered greetings. Not even the jade-eyed neighbourhood cats halt her presence for longer than it takes her to scratch them behind the ears.

She comes in the grey light of the fading day, her keen eyes spotting her favourite prey as a hawn spies a rabbit. Jasmine, cherry blossoms, lavender, roses - all flowers that smell sweetly and are in reach are fair game. Never tarrying long enough to do lasting damage to any one garden, she collects her prizes and moves on.

She slips into the gathering darkness like a ghost or a dream, singing faintly under her breath songs of another time.

The Dreams of Un-Real Man.

I should really stop reading so much manga and watching so much anime in a condensed period of time. Especially if both of these are "Fruits Basket", otherwise known as one of the most bishounen dense creations in all of manga-land. I mean, really, it's starting to affect my sleep and dreams.

Non-specific bishounen, running around my dreams as if they own them. What *is* the world coming to?

The Answer We All Knew Was There (Quiz Result).

Which Medieval Character Are You?

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