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Changing minds

So, I watched that Regency show on ABC last night ("Regency House Party" or what ever it was called), and was hit by inspiration. I know I promised I wouldn't write a con game for at least a year, but...

So my idea is that I run a Regency-ish freeform. I know romance isn't everyone's thing, so my plan is to include political scandal and a Sherlock Holmes styed mystery to keep things lively. I have no plans to keep it historically accurate, rather to give it the flavour of the Regency era.

(Some of you may remember Caitlin May's regency freeform a few years ago at Arcanacon. I found it quite enjoyable, but I was left with the feeling that perhaps too much emphasis may have been placed on the setting given the limited time avaliable for a con game... Bear in mind, though, that I see Caitlin as something of a gaming role-model, and I say this out of respect rather than 'dissing' her game.)

To prove my commitment, I'm even going to attempt to read Pride and Prejudice for the first time.

Anyone want to act as consultants? You know, to make sure I don't put spaceships in the game or something? I'm looking at you, steam_punk.
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