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Meanwhile, back at the ranch

I'm worried about my lack of plot for DnD tonight. My problem is that my over-arching plot hasn't quite gelled yet, and given the high caliber of my players I am terrified of disappointing them.

I'm thinking about doing NaNoWriMo ( again this year, even though I said I wouldn't. I've reached 50,000 for the last two years in a row, but given my state of study at the moment I'm not sure how I'd fare. Mind you, I've got the beginnings of a concept that is quite different from the last two years in that it is not formulaic and is contemparary, which might be interesting to try.

My ideas for a Regency styled freeform seem sound, but again the problem is finding the time to write it as well as the energy to run it.

I seem to be stending the majority of my time at the moment waiting for people to watch me do my PhD stuff to try and see what I could be doing wrong. I mean, really, I've spent a good hour and a half today alone waiting for my supervisor to have a spare 15-20 minutes.

And on the subject of the PhD, I've had PhD nightmares for the passed four nights. I can't escape it, even in my sleep.

And a reminder for all who didn't see it the first time - Real Bout University Part II is approaching. for more info.
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