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Dungeons and Dragons: the Debreifing

So last night's session happened. People seemed to enjoy themselves, but I'm not so sure it went as well as I would have liked...

The premise was that one of the party's companions, a half-red dragon sorcereress named Cinder, was lost to one of the Infinite Layers of the Abyss - Gelid - and after a few battles and plane-hops the party have finally been able to attempt to rescue her.

The PCs in question for this session were Ariss (vorex), Ibrahim (mousebane), Dayne (bishi_wannabe) and Treganter (Lon). Sir not appearing in this film was Tethryn (who will return when morsla hands in his thesis).

Thre party had just managed to escape the inescapable realm of Oubliette, and found themselves in Westgate, one of the larger cities in the plane of Toril (hello Forgotten Realms). Thethryn left the party for a short time to visit his relatives and (coughcough) ex-wife, down by the Lake of Steam. A young monk named Shadow who had followed him from Oubliette was left feeling quite awkward after his departure, and left on horseback to the north to rediscover her purpose.

The party meanwhile made arrangements to have a planar gate to Gelid opened. Fortunately enough they already had a guide - a teifling theif named Bastion, who has taken quite a shine to Ariss. Bastion had been held as a slave for quite some time by the Abyssal Lord Anaxie, who rules over Gelid with a bloodied iron fist.

Anyway, the party was taken in by the ruse of three succubi in disguise, who took a bit of a fancy to Ibrahim. When they attacked, Ibrahim took the brunt of it. Once they were defeated, the party took to teasing Ibrahim (who is known to have shared feelings with Cinder), who promptly lost patience, failed a listen check, and stormed off right into a pack of Winter Wolves.

Being half fire genesai (or however it's spelt), Ibrahim was at quite a disadvantage, and despite the best efforts of himself (and the rest of the party), he fell beneath the Winter Wolves icy onslaught. He was, however, promptly ressurected by Markov, a recently hired cleric of Selune... but what damage has been done that divine spells cannot mend?


There was more actual roleplaying this session than in previous sessions, and consequently less bashy-bashiness of monsters. However, the whole monster thing is a bit of a concern to me, because... well... we have a fighter. The thing about fighters is that they end up being much tougher than the rest of the party, and I'm now becoming increasingly concerned about game balance. You know, keeping challenges that are interesting (but not overly fatal) for the majority of the party that the fighter won't just mash in two rounds. Or, alternately, that the fighter will find challenging without mashing the rest of the party.

Sigh. It's a tough life.
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