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Film at eleven

I have purple mice dancing through my head singing "Insomnia" to the tune of "Tequilla".

Finished watching Revolutionary Girl Utena (the series) a few nights ago. I really, REALLY wish that an anime series that I get suckered in to would end with closure. Not Hollywood Ending style closure, but more than just "we don't know what happened to the main character - let's just go back to living our normal lives now" ending.

I keep finding new bruises.

Do not be fooled by "the Delicious Taste of Pleasure"! The snacky-cakes contained therein are stale and not overwhelmingly good.

The masochist within me saw the latest Arcanacon writers wrangling post and saw an opportunity to run a freeform. The realist in me knows that it would probably kill me dead with stress and exhaustion if I gave in to the temptation.

Can anyone tell me how those little sachets of "Latte style" instant coffee get foamy when you add water? Because it is beyond my comprehension.
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