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So last night was mousebane's playtest for his 7th Sea game for Unicon. It was really good! Only a few minor adjustments to flow, really, were needed, and the GM in question has taken that on board. You should all go to Unicon and play his game.

One of the interesting player dynamics was, however, between two people who may have only met in passing before - the irrepressible Lon and bishi_wannabe's friend Damien. I've played in multiple games with either of them in the past, and know that they are both rather grand, but I had never seen them in action as a pair...

... And like chocolate and peanut butter, their powers combined made a taste sensation!

Partly due to the characters they were playing were a bit of a team, but mostly due to their ability to bounce ideas off eachother really well, it was truly something magnificent (and often hilarious) to behold.

I am left wanting to recruit Damien into my D&D game, if only to see him and Lon do the role-playing thing together more often. This could mean six players, and as a GM who is used to dealing with only two players at a time could prove... difficult. But the fun that could come out of it may outweigh my feeble objections.

I also bought punkin pie in a can today. I expect I shall be baking pumpkin pie very soon. Mmmm - pumpkin pie....
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