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DnD psych up

So I'm trying to get myself excited for DnD tonight.

The story thus far - last session's summary can be seen here:

What changes will his recent death and subsequent ressurection bring about in Ibrahim?
How will the party fair in their meeting with the ruler of the Abyssal Realm of Gelid, Lord Anaxie?
What further secrets does the mysterious Cinder hold from the party's knowledge?
Which spectre from Dayne's past will return to haunt him?
Will the Articifer's Guild of Mehcanus track down their wayward member Treganter?
What news will Tethryn bring back from his visitation of his family?
How will the party cope should they ever meet Ariss's sisters?
And who is the mysterious stranger the party is destined to meet (emp2_4601)?

Stay tunes for these and other adventures!
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