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Last oral dose for my mice today - done. Which means I can sit and twiddle my thumbs if the chemostat fucks up in the near future (and a minor mishap today means that could very well be the case).

I got my tax return cheque today - on my way to bankinate it. It shall be mine. Oh yes, it shall be mine.

I will be showing my baking prowess tonight once more - jam tarts for all. (Actually, the laziest version of jam tarts you ever did see, but that's not the point.)

A spur of the moment purchase of a random expensive import CD on Monday seems to have paid off.

I am getting myself psyched for DnD - there are a whole lot of interesting NPC/PC interactions coming up. Rockin'.

I don't understand why Bunyip is just the right size for a perfect fit in my arms, but she never seems to fit properly on my lap.
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